• Monday, October 08th, 2012

The chapter of ridiculous laws:

  • Don’t lie or steal. Don’t curse the deaf or trip the blind. Don’t lie about your neighbors. Don’t bear grudges.
  • Don’t let your cattle breed with other kinds of cattle, don’t sow your fields with two kinds of seed, and don’t wear a garment made from two different materials.
  • If a man has sex with another man’s female slave, he needs give God a guilt offering.
  • If you plant a tree for food, you can’t eat its fruit for four years.
  • Don’t eat any raw meat. Don’t be a fortune teller. Don’t cut your hair or trim your beard. Don’t cut yourself or get tattoos.
  • Don’t make your daughter be a prostitute.
  • Don’t go see any fortune tellers.
  • Honor your elders and fear your god.
  • Be nice to foreigners.
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